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iMagic Fleet Maintenance
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Exporting Vehicles, Services and Fuel Usage

This is the fifth tutorial in a series that show you how to use iMagic Fleet Maintenance. This tutorial steps you through the process of viewing reports.
It is often useful to view reports after business changes have been made, this allows the full impact to be measured.
To view the reports:
               1.  Click the Reports button on the toolbar.
The Reports screen is shown. You can select a new report on the left of the screen in the Report List. The report will be shown on the right. If the report has more than one page you can use the scroll bar to view the other pages.
To print a report:
               1.  Select where you would like the report printed from the Print to list, this can be PDF, HTML, RTF or a plain text file.
               2.  Click the Print button.
· You can change the Report Title to include additional information on the report.
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