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Tutorial 2 Adding Services for Vehicles

This is the second tutorial in a series that show you how to use iMagic Fleet Maintenance. This tutorial steps you through the process of adding a service to a vehicle. It is presumed that you have already configured the system, if you haven't you may want to review the first tutorial before continuing.
Adding a new service is quick and easy. To add a service:
               1.  Click the Add Service button on the toolbar.
You can now follow the five steps to complete your service:
               1.  Select the Vehicle from the list.
               2.  Choose which Services you'd like to add. Note you can hold down the Control key to select multiple services.
               3.  Choose the Service start date, the two options are:

I'd like to use the default for the service selected. If you select this option then the service will be scheduled to start based on the Service's Time.

I'd like to select the service start date. If you select this option then you can choose when you would like the service to start.
               4.  Enter any Notes you'd like to record for this Vehicle.

5.  Click the
OK button.
The application will now schedule a recurring service the selected vehicle based on the information you have entered.




To add a "one off" service, that doesn't repeat, select from the main menu Service List and then Add Unscheduled Service.

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