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iMagic Fleet Maintenance
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Tutorial 4 Viewing and Recording Vehicle Usage

This is the fourth tutorial in a series that show you how to use iMagic Fleet Maintenance. This tutorial steps you through the process of logging vehicle usage.
Vehicle Usage is an important part of the application. Maintaining vehicle usage allows the application to indicate when a service is due and allows you to analyze usage patterns.
To view the Vehicle Usage:
               1.  Click the Vehicle Usage button on the toolbar.
To add a new entry:
               1.  Click the Log Usage button, the Vehicle Usage Details screen will appear.
               2.  Enter the Vehicle, Date and fuel details.
               3.  Click the OK button.
To view or edit a log entry:
               1.  Select the entry from the list.
               2.  Click the View/Edit Usage button.
               3.  Change any details as required.
               4.  Click the OK button.
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