iMagic Fleet Maintenance
iMagic Fleet Maintenance
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Tutorial 1 Getting Started - Setting up

This is the first tutorial in a series that show you how to use iMagic Fleet Maintenance. This tutorial steps you through the process of setting up the system.
When you first run the application the Configuration Wizard will start. If this is not the first time you have run the application or you have closed it, open it now by clicking the Configuration Wizard from the Configure menu.
This wizard allows you to set your regional information and vehicle information.
Step 1. Welcome
The first step welcomes you to the wizard and indicates what it does. To continue:
               1.  Click the Next button.
Step 2. Entering your regional information.
This step allows you to choose the Odometer and Volume (used in fuel calculations) units. To choose your regional information:
               1.  Select the unit to use for your Odometer.
               2.  Select the unit to use for your fuel Volume.
               3.  Click the Next button.
Step 3. Entering your fleet vehicles.
This allows you to enter the details of your vehicles:
               1.  Click the Add Vehicle button, the Vehicle Details screen is shown.
               2.  Enter the Vehicle Details and click OK.

               Repeat this process for each vehicle.
               3.  Click the Next button.


Note - If you make a mistake you can always remove a Vehicle by highlighting it in the list and clicking the Remove button.
Step 4. Finished
All of the necessary information to start tracking your fleet has been entered. To continue:
               1.  Click the Next button.
· You can repeat this procedure should any settings change.
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