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Tutorial 3 Viewing Vehicle Services

This is the third tutorial in a series that show you how to use iMagic Fleet Maintenance. This tutorial steps you through the process of viewing services that have been scheduled for vehicles.
Services can be viewed using the Service List. To view the Service List:
               1.  Click the Service List button on the toolbar or select from the main menu Service List and then View Service List..
The list of services can be filtered according to the Vehicle or Service Date. To change the filter:
               1.  Select the Vehicle from the Vehicle List. To view all vehicles select All Vehicles.

2.  To view services between two dates change the
From date and To date.
To complete a service when it has been completed:
               1.  Select the service from the Service List.
               2.  Click the Completed Service button, the Completed Service screen will appear.
               3.  Enter the Odometer of the Vehicle at the end of the service and the completed Service Date.

               4.  Click OK to complete the service.



Changing the Range to Today will change the From and To dates to the current date.


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