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Product Overview

Successful fleet service owners know that staying above the competition is about raising the bar when it comes to maintaining schedules and speed in services. Managing a fleet of vehicles can be challenging due to the numerous facets of the business such as tracking vehicles and servicing. The key to running a seamless operation is to ensure that every segment of the business works in tandem and this is easier said than done.

This is where iMagic Fleet Maintenance steps into the picture. Our fleet software ensures that all your fleet maintenance needs are met by specifically simplifying the management and maintenance of your vehicles. Errors and vehicle down time will be a thing of the past.

All you need is a Windows PC and the iMagic Fleet Maintenance software will do the rest. Reap the benefits of automation and the fleet maintenance process will be a cinch. Track your services and don’t miss any either. It will help you in service trend analysis and also in finding the most efficient service schedule. Your mechanics will thank you for not overloading them with all those unscheduled repairs.

Take a look at some of our features:

Scheduled Services - get organized, keep track and be in complete control

Ideally, fleet operation should be slick and smooth, the one only way of keeping expensive repairs at bay. Our system affords you the flexibility to define the number of service types you want, the frequency and the vehicle. Bid adieu to missed services and business lost due to vehicle breakdowns.

You can also set scheduled services against distance or time, or vice-versa. If you spot a vehicle that needs to be checked frequently, simply override the service date and viola, the schedule updates itself automatically - no sweat!

Unscheduled Services and Repairs - go flexible with schedules

Incidental repairs and accidents are unavoidable, but don't let that send your maintenance schedule into a tizzy. Adding an unscheduled service is not more than a click away and the rest of the work schedule? Well! That got updated in the background already.

Our system also helps you with completing the service and setting the Odometer, date and other details. Automatic updating and service scheduling all takes place even as you enter all this information. Your records will always be automatically up-to-date, helping to keep inline with regulations too.

Track Vehicles - hassle-free central tracking

Collate vehicle details and store them all in one place. Lost records and missed renewals are all a thing of the past. You have options to track the vehicle model, make, year, odometer, chassis, engine number, tag, license renewal dates, easy identification with a picture and more.

But iMagic Fleet Maintenance's system is truly unstoppable. You can also track individual vehicle usage. This includes details such as distance, fuel usage and cost. Shunt out manual logging and usher in automatic updating as you make changes to the log.

Reporting - maintenance overview at a glance

From a managerial viewpoint, having an eagle's eye-view of the business is one of the main keys to efficient management. The iMagic Fleet Maintenance reporting system collates, summarizes and details all the reports. What you get is a breakdown of details like vehicle cost, fuel and distance usage and services.

Simple and Easy - become more efficient than ever

iMagic Fleet Maintenance software is a boon for those who shy from complicated technology. And right from the word go, you will see that navigating and using the program is as simple as downloading and installing.

Have multiple offices, a mechanic shop or network? Multiple access just got better.

The maze of PC's in your network are all connected and synchronized perfectly. All authorized personnel can access the updated service schedule at all times. Remote offices can be connected over the web via a Virtual Private Network (VPN) in Windows. Distance is not a hurdle any longer and no matter where you are, iMagic Fleet Management allows you full remote access.

About Us

Excellence in technology is about innovating and adapting to latest market and business needs. And that is exactly what iMagic Fleet Maintenance developers have been doing for over 20 years. We have kept our ears open, our grey cells working, burnt the midnight oil and updated our system frequently to offer our customers solutions that are both practical and useful. We ensure that you keep abreast of the latest developments in Windows by providing you with updates and fixes as soon as they come in.

iMagic Fleet Maintenance - we please with ease

Everyone from business owners, individuals and mechanics will find something unique in our system. iMagic Fleet Maintenance gives you the big picture in a practical package that will ease the day-to-day operation of your business. It's user-friendly and extremely easy on the pocket. Very simply, it's the best way to garnish your business with efficiency and reliability. You think of a tool or feature that you might need in a fleet maintenance system, and we have it.

If you are not impressed enough already, let us impress you a little more. iMagic Fleet Maintenance software is available with no rental fees and at a price that will leave you pleasantly surprised. It's a steal at USD $199 and if you feel that you want to test the waters before diving in, simply download our free 10 use trial version and see the difference it's magic can play.